Meals at Major Bowes Retreat

 No matter what the season, there is always something good to eat at Major Bowes Retreat!

Many groups opt to shop /prepare /clean up the meals themselves. Baking and breaking bread together offers a unique bonding experience! The "Playhouse" (home to Fellowship Hall at Major Bowes Retreat Center) includes a fully operational kitchen which is available for use 24 hours a day.

Other groups have a different agenda and prefer to have some or all their meals catered by our resident manager and registrar, Dara Linthwaite. Meals can be as formal or as informal as you'd like; Dara works with each group individually, considering tastes, allergies, special diets, and seasonal availability, and every meal is home cooked. Some groups prefer to have a pre-made casserole in the fridge, waiting for them to pop into the oven when the time is right. Others may prefer full service and cleanup, so they can concentrate on other things. Some prefer to have breakfast waiting for them in the morning, others prefer to supply bagels and coffee themselves, to save money. Many local restaurants in the area are willing to deliver, too! The choice is yours.

Generally speaking, fully catered meals are as follows:

Breakfast: around $9 per person

Lunch: around $12.50 per person

Dinner: Around $16.50 per person

And of course, price depends on your menu.

Please contact Dara Linthwaite at [email protected].com for further details.